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Grant Trevithick at the Fort Worth Hope Center

Grant Trevithick is at the Fort Worth Hope Center to help out together with his wife and Owner Finance team

Owner Finance Charity supports World Sight Day

Owner Finance Charity is a generous donator to World Sight Day, a local program to promote Sight for everyone in need

Owner Finance helps out at the Hope Center Food Line

Grant Trevithick helped out at the Hope Center to serve food at the Food Line together with his team of Owner Finance

Operation Once in a Lifetime is organizing an Auction

Grant Trevithick is a proud supporter of the Auction Operation Once in a Lifetime is organizing

The Hope Center is setting up the Policeman Athletic League

The Hope Centre was able to set up the Policeman Athletic League thanks to donations of Owner Finance Charity

Grant Trevithick gives back to Operation Once in a Lifetime

Grant Trevithick tells a beautiful story about the great work Operation Once in a Lifetime is doing

While we don’t process donations personally we can link you to the causes we are supporting, Get in contact with us and we will help you get in touch with the projects.

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The harder you work for something, the greater you’ll feel when you finally achieve it

One of the core values is that we recognize and demonstrate all the blessings we have in our lives through donating at least ten percent (10%) of all of our profits to charity, to empower those less fortunate or in need.

My wife and I do not ask anyone else to believe what we believe. We do not ask anyone else to participate. We do not ask anyone else to care. However, we know that everyone in our lives is a blessing from God, and we feel that we are deeply blessed (far more than just financially). According to our spiritual beliefs, we demonstrate our recognition and gratitude for our blessings by donating to help those less fortunate. In 2017, we donated over $102,000 and our donations now surpass $90,000 per year to our supported causes. We feel it is an honor and a privilege to be able to help others. We feel by helping others, it helps reminds us that there for the Grace of God go I, that we should count every single blessing we have every day. So, probably one of the greatest joys of our running our businesses are the opportunities to make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate folks in our community.

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We empower those less fortunate to create the life they love.

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Grant trevithick

I have experienced both great heights and great depths during my lifetime. I have experienced financial prosperity and experienced times I could barely afford the roof over my head. These experiences have left me feeling forever humble, deeply grateful, and never forgetting to count every blessing during every day. Other than spending time with my family, and watching my young son discover the wonders of this world, there is nothing more gratifying to me than being able to help another person. When focusing on helping another person solve some of the challenges in their lives, it makes my challenges seem small and inconsequential in comparison.

It also keeps me humble and perpetually grateful. And it reminds me that God exists in the smallest of moments, whenever someone’s heart is touched, He is present.

Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.
Albert Einstein